Pan American Box Pair, Vintage Edition

This pair was a food box storage on an airplane, used to preserve the freshness of meals. We up-cycled them and turned them into a beautiful furniture set that is perfect for your study, office, or living room.
SOLD OUT. Similar product available upon request. 

Additional information

Dimensions 40 × 30 × 27 cm

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  • Decor , Propeller

    L410 Airplane Propeller Sculpture

    ✓propeller blade from L410 Turbolet aircraft
    ✓ polished
    ✓ chrome-plated
    ✓protected coating
    ✓ aeronautical design


    Introducing our stunning L410 Turbolet aluminum propeller blade, now transformed into a polished and chrome-plated sculpture. With its minimalistic and elegant design, this reflective sculpture adds sophistication to every space.


  • Table

    Aztec Aircraft Spinner Table (BLACK EDITION)

    ✓ spinner from Piper Aztec aircraft
    ✓ premium black color glass
    ✓ polished spinner
    ✓ chrome- plated spinner
    ✓ LED light options under the spinner for evening atmosphere
    ✓ round coffee table
    ✓ unique aero design shape


    Introducing the Piper Aztec BLACK EDITION coffee table, a one-of-a-kind accessory for modern space. Crafted with a polished and chrome-plated spinner for lasting durability, this coffee table boasts premium black …

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    Standalone Propeller Blade

    Propellers enable the aircraft to move forward through the air. This one will be that special decor item, reminding you of your adventures in the sky. SOLD OUT. Similar product available upon request. 


  • Propeller

    Wooden Propeller Clock

    If you are not a wall painting person but still like beautiful wooden decor on your wall, how about a propeller with a clock?
    SOLD OUT. Similar product available upon request.