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Primož Jovanović and Eva Kraš, Papa Juliett Aviation Art Team

Hello there,
it’s great to meet you!

…is to compliment your success.

Who better to design aviation furniture art than a captain, who devoted his life to flying? Our products are designed by CEO Primož Jovanović, a professional pilot for more than two decades.

We are a boutique company and we ensure you have a unique product, that no one else has or will ever have.

Our pieces are a statement of creative boldness, history, art, passion, technological advancement, and a symbol of environmental care.

Mass production is not our goal.

We are Primož and Eva, a dynamic duo of aviators and artists with a passion for aviation. Merging our talents we make a reliable and responsive team.

We are dedicated to excellent customer service experience at each step of your order. 

Slovenia, Europe ( EU)

As aviators, we are aware of our impact on the environment. By transforming used aircraft parts, we contribute to the sustainable use of materials.

For every product you invest in, we gift you a tree on a field in Tanzania, and in doing so make a positive contribution to our planet.

I have always loved creating with my hands. I enjoy having an engineering problem and finding a solution to it. When I was a kid, I made my own sports bike out of a different bike model because we did not have money for the one I wanted. Some years ago, I noticed aviation furniture art and liked it immediately. I had a few ideas but was busy pursuing my career in aviation. Through time I gathered some airplane parts in my hangar and have always imagined what use could become of them. When we lost our jobs at the country’s only airline carrier Adria Airways, because of bankruptcy, and I lost my safe work overnight and had bills to pay, I remembered my vision and said: “I will give it a try.” I was happy to notice people liked the attempt, and suddenly it picked up. During the “Covid-19″ lockdown, I had the time to finish many pieces, learning from each previous step. Every time I see an aircraft part, I´m nudged to make something valuable and unique out of it. Through photography, I discovered the artistic aspect of my soul. Up-cycling furniture made me realize I am an artist at heart. The entire process has become like a meditation I enjoy and can not imagine my life without. I decided to take the next step and establish a company PapaJuliett Aviation Art. My co-pilot is an aviator and artist herself, helping me create a vision powered by our passion. Remaking old aircraft parts into something special makes me happy. I sincerely hope my products will make you happy too.

Primož Jovanović,
Founder CEO and designer

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