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  • Mirror

    CRJ 900 Engine Exhaust Cone Aviation Mirror

    ✓ raw and uncompromised authenticity
    ✓ visible exhaust marks
    ✓ distinctive shape
    ✓ aviation history preserved
    ✓ round mirror
    ✓ simplicity
    ✓ high-quality mirror inside

    Raw Aviation Captured: CRJ 900 Exhaust Cone Mirror

    Mirror retains the authentic, unaltered appearance of a CRJ 900 exhaust cone, ensuring that every visible exhaust mark remains intact.The distinctive shape of the CRJ 900 exhaust cone makes this mirror a truly one-of-a-kind aviation …

  • Mirror

    Breguet Atlantic Engine Cowling Mirror

    ✓engine cowling from Breguet Atlantic aircraft
    ✓ silver color finish cowling
    ✓ premium mirror
    ✓ large in size
    ✓ round mirror
    ✓ industrial design
    ✓aeronautical look


    Crafted from the turboprop of French Breguet Atlantic aircraft engine cowling, it’s a super-match for your ambient with its sleek silver finish. Inside, enjoy a premium-quality mirror that effortlessly elevates your space and adds aviation nostalgia to your interior.

    Cowling diameter: 104 …

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    Jet Engine Stator Mirror

    ✓ jet engine stator frame from Royce Tay 62
    ✓ painted black blades
    ✓ high- quality mirror
    ✓ LED lighting for the evening atmosphere
    ✓ round mirror
    ✓industrial design look


    Jet engine stator MIRROR from a Royce Tay 62- Modern and Industrial Interior Decor. A jet engine stator is a vital component of a jet engine that helps to direct and guide the flow of air. …