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    Big Spinner Coffee Table

    ✓ Aircraft Spinner
    ✓ elegant look
    ✓ highly- polished
    ✓ premium level glass
    ✓ testament to luxury and innovation
    ✓ seamless look

    Make a lasting impression with the Big Spinner Coffee Table— a piece that seamlessly merges the world of aviation with the art of stylish living.

    As you run your fingers along the smooth surfaces, you’re not just touching a coffee table — you’re connecting with …

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    Red Jet Flap L29 Dolphin Airplane Wing Desk

    ✓ jet flap tabletop from L29 Dolphin aircraft
    ✓ striking red color stand
    ✓distinctive avio-design stand
    ✓ polished flap finish
    ✓ protected coating
    ✓tempered glass top


    Introducing the Red Jet Flap L29 Dolphin, a stunning coffee table beyond comparison. Crafted from a polished and colored flap, with high-quality glass on a stand, that will make your heart skip a beat.

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    Propeller Spinner Table

    ✓ spinner from aircraft
    ✓ premium glass top
    ✓ unique feature with printed momentum of the spin
    ✓ perfect sofa height
    ✓ polished spinner
    ✓ chrome- plated spinner
    ✓ LED light color option under spinner at request


    After years soaring the skies, we’ve repurposed an aircraft spinner to never lose momentum in your living room – now as a sleek coffee table. This statement piece will elevate …