MD-80 Jet Engine Spiner Coffee Table

This up-cycled spinner turned out to become a very beautiful coffee table, that will most certainly make you smile.


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Dimensions 70 × 37 cm

Exclusive products

  • Table

    Airport Runway Taxi Light Coffee Table

    By day a unique coffee table made with high-quality blue glass becomes a calming color therapy by night.

    Available upon request.


  • Storage

    Pan American Box Pair, Vintage Edition

    This pair was a food box storage on an airplane, used to preserve the freshness of meals. We up-cycled them and turned them into a beautiful furniture set that is perfect for your study, office, or living room.

  • Mirror

    Cowling Mirror

    Mirror made from used jet engine cowling. Sanded, polished, lacquered, and trimmed with some garnish (labels…). Looking into the mirror and you will be gazing into your aviation soul…

  • Propeller

    Wooden Propeller Clock

    If you are not a wall painting person but still like a wonderful wooden decor on you wall, this propeller with white ends and a clock is just what you are looking for. At night you can turn it on- it will glow in the dark and help you find the way.