Red Jet Flap L29 Dolphin Airplane Wing Desk


Introducing the Red Jet Flap L29 Dolphin, a stunning coffee table beyond comparison.

Crafted from a polished and colored flap, with high-quality glass on a stand, that will make your heart skip a beat – just like that. It’s perfect for those who love to soar, and who appreciate unique design like never before. Experience the magic of aviation-inspired design, and savor your coffee like you’re soaring through the sky divine.


Additional information

Dimensions 112 × 52 × 53 cm

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  • Table

    Airport Runway Light Desk

    By day a unique coffee table made with high-quality blue glass becomes a calming color therapy by night. Available upon request.


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    CRJ 200 Aircraft Exit Door Clock

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    Wooden Propeller Clock

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    SOLD OUT. Similar product available upon request.