CRJ 900 Engine Exhaust Cone Aviation Mirror


✓ raw and uncompromised authenticity
✓ visible exhaust marks
✓ distinctive shape
✓ aviation history preserved
✓ round mirror
✓ simplicity
✓ high-quality mirror inside

Raw Aviation Captured: CRJ 900 Exhaust Cone Mirror

Mirror retains the authentic, unaltered appearance of a CRJ 900 exhaust cone, ensuring that every visible exhaust mark remains intact.The distinctive shape of the CRJ 900 exhaust cone makes this mirror a truly one-of-a-kind aviation collectible.

By preserving the raw exhaust cone, we capture a piece of aviation history, making this mirror a captivating conversation piece for enthusiasts.

We take pride in delivering a mirror that stays true to the genuine essence of aviation, allowing you to experience it in its purest form.



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