Black Spinner Table


✓ spinner from aircraft
✓ premium black color glass
✓ polished spinner
✓ chrome- plated spinner
✓ LED light options under the spinner for evening atmosphere
✓ round coffee table
✓ unique aero design shape


Introducing the BLACK EDITION coffee table, a one-of-a-kind accessory for modern space. Crafted with a polished and chrome-plated spinner for lasting durability, this coffee table boasts premium black glass that exudes a minimalist and elegant aesthetic. With LED lighting inside the table that can be adjusted to different colors, you can set the mood and create an enchanting ambiance for romantic evenings or casual gatherings.

Glass height: 32,5 cm
Glass top diameter: 70 cm



Additional information

Dimensions 70 × 50 cm

Exclusive products

  • Table

    MD-80 Jet Engine Spiner Coffee Table

    This up-cycled spinner turned out to become a very beautiful coffee table, that will most certainly make you smile.
    SOLD OUT. Similar product available upon request. 


  • Table


    Custom-made conference table made out of CRJ 900 fuselage with LED lights.
    You can watch the video of how it was made here. 
    Available upon request. 

  • Mirror

    Jet Engine Stator Mirror

    ✓ jet engine stator frame
    ✓ painted black blades
    ✓ high- quality mirror
    ✓ LED lighting for the evening atmosphere
    ✓ round mirror
    ✓industrial design look


    Jet engine stator MIRROR from a Royce Tay 62- Modern and Industrial Interior Decor. A jet engine stator is a vital component of a jet engine that helps to direct and guide the flow of air. Made from high-grade metals, …

  • DecorPropeller

    L410 Airplane Propeller Sculpture

    ✓propeller blade from L410 Turbolet aircraft
    ✓ polished
    ✓ chrome-plated
    ✓protected coating
    ✓ aeronautical design


    Introducing our stunning L410 Turbolet aluminum propeller blade, now transformed into a polished and chrome-plated sculpture. With its minimalistic and elegant design, this reflective sculpture adds sophistication to every space.