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  • Decor , Door

    CRJ 200 Adria Airways Exit Door 2

    Looking for a special piece for your wall?  Highly polished, CRJ 200 Adria Airways Exit Door is just that. The photo in the door´s window can be changed upon request or it can also become a clock.


  • Door

    CRJ 200 Adria Airways Exit Door

    How about something alluring for your wall?
    Our beautiful CRJ 200 Emergency Exit door will freshen up your space, and also remind you that every exit is an entry to something new.
  • Propeller

    Wooden Propeller Clock

    If you are not a wall painting person but still like a wonderful wooden decor on you wall, this propeller with white ends and a clock is just what you are looking for. At night you can turn it on- it will glow in the dark and help you find the way.