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  • DecorPropeller

    L410 Airplane Propeller Sculpture

    ✓propeller blade from L410 Turbolet aircraft
    ✓ polished
    ✓ chrome-plated
    ✓protected coating
    ✓ aeronautical design


    Introducing our stunning L410 Turbolet aluminum propeller blade, now transformed into a polished and chrome-plated sculpture. With its minimalistic and elegant design, this reflective sculpture adds sophistication to every space.


  • DecorDoor

    CRJ 200 Adria Airways Exit Door 2

    Looking for a special piece for your wall?  Highly polished, CRJ 200 Adria Airways Exit Door is just that. The photo in the door´s window can be changed upon request or it can also become a clock.
    SOLD OUT. Similar product available upon request.