Vintage Airplane Wing Section Shelf

The old wing was found in the attic of a german aviation enthusiast and dates between 1950-1960. With a careful stabilization process, polishing, and transparent coating finish, we gave it a new vintage shine. We used curved wing ribs as shelves and covered them with high-quality, blue glass. SOLD OUT.



Exclusive products

  • Mirror

    CRJ 900 Engine Exhaust Cone Aviation Mirror


    ✓ nozzle of CF34 General Electric Engine
    ✓ belonged to the CRJ 900 airplane of Adria Airways fleet
    ✓raw and uncompromised authenticity
    ✓ visible high-temperature exhaust marks
    ✓ distinctive shape
    ✓ investment in aviation history
    ✓ premium round mirror
    ✓ simple shape
    ✓ shelf for keys

    Mirror retains the authentic, unaltered appearance of the exhaust cone, which used to belong to CRJ 900 airplane and Adria …

  • Clock

    Eurofighter Typhoon Jet Engine Compressor 
Wall Clock

    SOLD OUT. Similar product available upon request. 

  • Mirror

    Pratt and Whitney Jet Engine Compressor Mirror


    This mirror is crafted tough, like a hero’s  journey. Its raw compressor blades talk about a real path to triumph.

    Perfectly sized at 70 cm in diameter with a 43 cm premium mirror, it easily fits into every space and gives it a modern, authentic and stylish vibe.

    Look yourself in the mirror that …

  • DecorDoor

    CRJ 200 Adria Airways Exit Door 2

    Looking for a special piece for your wall?  Highly polished, CRJ 200 Adria Airways Exit Door is just that. The photo in the door´s window can be changed upon request or it can also become a clock.
    SOLD OUT. Similar product available upon request.