Panavia Tornado Engine Compressor Wall Clock

Our airplane parts continue to live long after they stopped flying. After polishing it, we colored this Panavia Tornado Engine Compressor and made it into a clock. It could also be a mirror. If you would like one made just for you, contact us and we can discuss options.

Exclusive products

  • Table

    Airport Runway Taxi Light Coffee Table

    By day a unique coffee table made with high-quality blue glass becomes a calming color therapy by night.

    Available upon request.


  • Table

    King Air Spinner Coffee Table

    NEW! Beechcraft King Air is one of the iconic turboprop business aircrafts. Its polished spinner is now an elegant aluminum coffee table, perfect for a minimal and sustainable lifestyle choice.

  • Seat

    Aeroflot Leather Seats

    Want to surprise your customers with an exciting way to greet them in your office or
    do you just miss that feeling of sitting 35,000 feet above the ground? Very comfortable and ready to use, these famous Aeroflot leather seats will help create the experience you seek.

  • Window

    Airplane Window with personalized photo

    You can choose from different photos taken by Primož on his many sky journeys or a mirror to be inserted in the window. As an option, we can install led lights for romantic people.