King Air B200 Aircraft Spinner Table


✓ spinner from iconic King Air B200 aircraft
✓ premium glass top
✓ unique feature with printed momentum of the spin
✓ perfect sofa height
✓ polished spinner
✓ chrome- plated spinner
✓ LED light color option under spinner at request


Introducing our renowned coffee table, as featured in Aero International magazine’s May 2023. After years soaring the skies, we’ve repurposed a King Air B200 aircraft spinner to never lose momentum in your living room – now as a sleek coffee table. This statement piece will elevate your ambient to entirely new heights, featuring a polished, chrome-plated spinner and a high-quality glass tabletop with a printed moment of spin.

Glass height: 35.5 cm, it’s ideal for placing in front of your sofa.
Spinner top height: 50 cm
Glass top diameter: 80 cm


Additional information

Dimensions 80 × 55 cm

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