Jet Engine Exhaust Mixer Aviation Mirror


✓ engine exhaust mixer
✓ unique shape
✓ highly polished
✓ premium round mirror inside
✓ elegant

Elevate your space with the unique elegance of the Jet Engine Exhaust Mixer Aviation Mirror. 

We lovingly call it “Muffin” 🙂

It offers more than elegance; it reflects the sophistication of aviation technology as the mixer’s purpose is to make aircraft more quiet.

The unique shape of the Exhaust Mixer Aviation Mirror combines function and form in perfect unison.

Celebrate the art of beauty and silence with this truly remarkable piece.

Check out the video of the mirror on YouTube


Exclusive products

  • Mirror

    F4 Phantom Jet Engine Compressor Mirror

    After a thorough cleaning, F4Phantom Jet Engine Compressor was painted to become a mirror. Onto it, we printed the serial number of the jet it belonged to. Delivery was a gift, so it came in a custom-made gift box. SOLD OUT. Similar product available upon request. 

  • Table

    Big Spinner Coffee Table


    ✓ aircraft Spinner
    ✓ coat-protected
    ✓ elegant and seamless look
    ✓ highly- polished
    ✓ premium level glass
    ✓ testament to luxury and innovation


    Make a lasting impression with the Big Spinner Coffee Table— a piece that seamlessly merges the world of aviation with the art of stylish living.

    As you run your fingers along the smooth surfaces, you’re not just touching a coffee table …

  • Table

    Red Jet Flap L29 Dolphin Airplane Wing Desk


    ✓ jet flap tabletop from L29 Dolphin aircraft
    ✓ striking red color stand
    ✓distinctive avio-design stand
    ✓ polished flap finish
    ✓ protected coating
    ✓tempered glass top


    Introducing the Red Jet Flap L29 Dolphin, a stunning coffee table beyond comparison. Crafted from a polished and colored flap, with high-quality glass on a stand, that will make your heart skip a beat.


    See the table in …

  • Mirror

    Pratt and Whitney Jet Engine Compressor Mirror


    This mirror is crafted tough, like a hero’s  journey. Its raw compressor blades talk about a real path to triumph.

    Perfectly sized at 70 cm in diameter with a 43 cm premium mirror, it easily fits into every space and gives it a modern, authentic and stylish vibe.

    Look yourself in the mirror that …