Aeroflot Leather Seats

SOLD OUT. Available upon request.

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Exclusive products

  • Storage

    Pan American Box Pair, Vintage Edition

    This pair was a food box storage on an airplane, used to preserve the freshness of meals. We up-cycled them and turned them into a beautiful furniture set that is perfect for your study, office, or living room.
    SOLD OUT. Similar product available upon request. 

  • Mirror

    Small Engine Cowling Mirror


    ✓ engine cowling mirror
    ✓ chrome- plated
    ✓ High-quality mirror
    ✓ aeronautical design
    ✓round shape
    ✓perfect fit for any wall


    We are introducing the ultimate statement piece for aviation enthusiasts. This unique mirror combines sleek aviation style with functionality and is chrome-plated and polished to a stunning finish. The mirror itself is perfectly sized for any room.

    Diameter: mirror 42cm, cowling 72 cm

  • minibarShelf

    Boeing 757 Aircraft Window Wall Bar

    ✓ Boeing 757 original windows
    ✓ highly-polished
    ✓ LED lights
    ✓ black-textured interior
    ✓ wall minibar or shelf

    Raise the Bar at 30,000 Feet with the Boeing 757 Aircraft Window Wall Bar!

    By day, it’s a sleek and polished aircraft window wall shelf, radiating sophistication with its black-textured interior. When the night falls, the magic begins. Choose from a spectrum of LED lights to illuminate your …

  • Propeller

    Wooden Propeller Clock

    If you are not a wall painting person but still like beautiful wooden decor on your wall, how about a propeller with a clock?
    SOLD OUT. Similar product available upon request.