Aeroflot Leather Seats

Want to surprise your customers with an exciting way to greet them in your office or
do you just miss that feeling of sitting 35,000 feet above the ground? Very comfortable and ready to use, these famous Aeroflot leather seats will help create the experience you seek.

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Exclusive products

  • Storage

    Adria Airways Atlas Box II

    The nightstand is furnished with wood and comes with an inner glass shelf and one on the top.

  • Table

    Airport Runway Taxi Light Coffee Table

    By day a unique coffee table made with high-quality blue glass becomes a calming color therapy by night.

    Available upon request.


  • Shelf

    Vintage Airplane Wing Section Shelf

    The old wing was found in the attic of a german aviation enthusiast and dates between 1950-1960. With a careful stabilization process, polishing, and transparent coating finish, we gave it a new vintage shine. We used curved wing ribs as shelfs and covered them with high quality, blue glass. Upcycled into a special and unique shelf it can serve many …

  • Decor , Propeller

    L410 Propeller Blade Sculpture

    Once a powerful L410 Turbolet aluminum propeller blade, upcycled into a reflective sculpture. Great for offices or your home.

    Minimalistic and elegant, it emphasizes space.