Za vas izbiramo najboljše kose letal in jih oplemenitimo s kreativnostjo, tako da postanejo unikatni - tako kot vi.
  • Decor , Propeller

    L410 Propeller Blade Sculpture

    Once a powerful L410 Turbolet aluminum propeller blade of a transport plane is now a highly polished, minimalistic, and elegant home decor piece that will reflect and emphasize the beauty of your space.

    Available to see at Studio Habitat, Trubarjeva Ulica 2, Maribor, Slovenia.

  • Decor , Door

    CRJ 200 Adria Airways Exit Door

    Looking for a special piece for your wall?  Highly polished, CRJ 200 Adria Airways Exit Door is just that. The photo in the door´s window can be changed upon request or it can also become a clock.

    Available to see at Studio Habitat, Trubarjeva 2, Maribor, Slovenia.

  • Table

    Adria Airways CRJ 200 Main Wheel Coffee Table

    Thousands of landings all over Europe – just under your coffee cup.
    White led diodes will brighten up your evenings while Adria Airways symbol (AA) will show the way in the dark.
    If you would like it a bit higher, we can adjust it for your comfort. …

  • Shelf

    Vintage Airplane Wing Section Shelf

    The old wing was found in the attic of a german aviation enthusiast and dates between 1950-1960. With a careful stabilization process, polishing, and transparent coating finish, we gave it a new vintage shine. We used curved wing ribs as shelfs and covered them with high quality, blue glass. Upcycled into a special and unique shelf it can serves many …

  • Seat

    Aeroflot Leather Seats

    Want to surprise your customers with an exciting way to greet them in your office or
    do you just miss that feeling of sitting 35,000 feet above the ground? Very comfortable and ready to use, these famous Aeroflot leather seats will help create the experience you seek.

  • Table

    Airport Runway Taxi Light

    By day a unique coffee table made with high-quality blue glass becomes a calming color therapy by night.

    Available upon request.


  • Clock

    Panavia Tornado Engine Compressor Wall Clock

    Our airplane parts continue to live long after they stopped flying. After polishing it, we colored this Panavia Tornado Engine Compressor and made it into a clock. It could also be a mirror. If you would like one made just for you, contact us and we can discuss options.

  • Mirror

    F4 Phantom Jet Engine Compressor Mirror

    After a thorough cleaning, F4Phantom Jet Engine Compressor was painted to become a mirror. Onto it, we printed the serial number of the jet it belonged to. Delivery was a gift, so we made a  box for the occasion.

    The project was done for the customer, who gave us free hands on this.
    If you have a wish for a specific piece …

  • Storage

    Pan American Box Pair, Vintage Edition

    This pair was  a food box storage on an airplane, used to preserve freshness of meals. We up-cycled them and turned tehm into a beautiful furniture set that is perfect for your study, office or living room. If you need something not too big, yet very stylish to store your precious items in, this is it.

  • Table

    MD-80 Jet Engine Spiner Coffee Table

    This up-cycled spinner turned out to become a very beautiful coffee table, that will most certainly make you smile. Once a component that reduces aerodynamic drag and smooths the airflow, the spinner´s shape also serves an aesthetic role on certain airplane designs.

    Don´t miss an opportunity to own this beauty.


  • Clock

    Eurofighter Typhoon Jet Engine Compressor 
Wall Clock

    Veni, Vidi, Vici – the clock came and stole the show. Make sure you get one before it is too late.

    Time is always now.

  • Storage

    Adria Airways Atlas Box II

    What is now a stylish nightstand, used to be food container on the passenger aircraft.
    You know, a hot meal and a bagel somewhere over the clouds… Nightstand is furnished with wood and comes with inner glass shelf and one on the top, so you can put your bedtime book or phone on “terra firma” after a landing clearance to the …

  • Table

    Supermarine Spitfire Mk I Coffee Table

    It is a genuine part, extremely rare, once part of the most legendary aircraft ever  –  Supermarine Spitfire Mk I, now holding glass tabletop. We know, we know…it may look like very undignified end of a career (most likely it was fighting Germans during Battle of Britain), but think of it this way: better for it to be a focal …

  • Door

    CRJ 200 Adria Airways Exit Door

    How about something alluring for your wall?
    Our beautiful CRJ 200 Emergency Exit door will freshen up your space, and also remind you that every exit is an entry to something new.
  • Propeller

    Wooden Propeller Clock

    If you are not a wall painting person but still like a wonderful wooden decor on you wall, this propeller with white ends and a clock is just what you are looking for. At night you can turn it on- it will glow in the dark and help you find the way.

  • Window

    Airplane Window with personalized photo

    After being a window to the world for so many years it can finally land in your living room.
    You can choose from different photos taken by Primož on his many sky journeys or a mirror to be inserted in the window. As an option we can install led lights for romantic people.


  • Window

    Airplane Window with Cabin

    Spice up your office with the real windows to the world.

    We will personalize the photos according to your taste!

  • Mirror

    MIG-21 Compressor Blades Mirror

    Once proudly powering one of the most produced military aircraft in the world – the mighty Mikoyan – Gurevich, or MiG-21. Proud owners of this magnificent 70 cm diameter mirror will now look not only in their image, but into aviation history as well. We love the smell of kerosene in the morning.

  • Storage

    Adria Airways Atlas Box

    What is now a stylish Nightstand  used to be food container on the passenger aircraft. You know, hot meal and bagel somewhere over the clouds…

    Nightstand is furnished with wood and comes with inner glass shelf and one on the top, so you can put your bedtime book or phone on terra firma, after landing clearance to the dreamland…

    (Bag of peanuts …

  • Propeller

    Standalone Propeller Blade

    Propellers enable the aircraft to move forward through the air. This one will be that special decor item,reminding you of your adventures in the sky.

    We can make it as a stand alone, with a special engraving with your name on it.


  • Mirror

    Cowling Mirror

    Mirror made from used jet engine cowling. Sanded, polished, laquered, trimmed with some garnish (labels…). Looking into the mirror and you will be gazing into your aviation soul….

    Please note, that smell of JP4 and sounds of engine starting are not supplied.


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